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How to Transfer your Plants

This is Part 3 of an 8-part series on becoming a Hydro Pro:

Welcome back!

It’s been a while and we hope your precious seeds are now little plants. We’re sure you are just excited as we are to see those little babies bloom into full adult plants.

On this installment, we will discuss transplanting.

Why do we need to transfer our sprouts?

So why do we need to transfer our sprouts, most especially if they're doing just fine in their growing mediums? Here's why...

Keeping our seedlings in a singular location may help them grow faster and possibly larger but that also means that we have to germinate them in a large pot, bigger chamber and use more powerful lights thus resulting to wasted resources.

Imagine the savings we could get from using small germination pots and then transferring our plants to a bigger chamber only when they are mature enough. With this method, rest assured we only used the appropriate amount of nutrients, water, power and other supplies needed by our plants.

Things we need in Transplanting

Here are the materials we will need in order to successfully transfer our precious seeds:

Sprout or a clone. A sprout is ready for transfer if it has:
- Evident root structure
- Sets of true leaves
Secondary Medium. The secondary medium could either be soil or any hydroponic medium.
Larger pot and larger reservoir
Light nutrients (no sweat, we'll cover this in the next installment!)


We are also going to need some of the items we used during germination like:

  • PH Testing kit
  • TDS Pen
  • Conditioned Water

Steps in Transplanting

In theory, transplanting is a fairly easy task. Its principle is pretty much the same regardless of system set-ups.

1. Transferring sprouts to a hydroponic medium

Conditioning your secondary medium. To condition your growing medium, you just need to rinse your growing medium thoroughly.

Add a single layer of growing medium at the bottom of your net cup.

Place the rooted sprout in the center of the larger net cup on top of the growing medium.

Then fill the cup around the sides and a single on top.

2. Transferring sprouts to soil or alternative medium.

First, fill the larger pot with soil to a height that will allow you to place the cube on top.

Pour a thin layer above the cube so it will be completely covered.

3. Give your plants added support.

Take note, after transfer, your plants may need added support in order to stand on their own.

In this case, a thin wire or twisty tie can be used to support the plant.

4. Lastly, place your plant into your hydroponic system.

At this stage, you can add some light nutrients in your reservoir for more vigorous growth. Always make sure you have conditioned your water using a TDS pen and PH testing kit before and after adding a nutrient solution.

Forgot how to condition your water? Just check our second episode and you will be right back on track.

Happy transplanting!

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