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So just how do you grow 3 of the hottest peppers with cold weather conditions and possibly very little sunlight?

Do you know how hot peppers have a  fiery sensation that can make your food explode with flavor, so you can kick your dining experience up a notch? BAM!

If possible I will add those hot peppers in all the dishes I eat but Ghost Peppers, Trinidad Scorpions, and Chocolate Carolina Reapers are not cheap.  So instead of buying them, why not grow them?

But growing these babies is not as easy as you think, being primarily a tropical plant, they need a lot of heat and sunlight. In fact, the Trinidad Scorpion needs at least 6 hours of sunlight and 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit temperature in order to germinate.

So, how do we grow 3 of the hottest peppers in the world? Using grow LED lights and grow tents should do the trick!

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Which grow LED light should you use?

When germinating your hot peppers an LED grow light with a blue spectrum will help in vegetation growth and in developing roots. Eventually, you would need to shift to a full spectrum LED grow light when your chilies are bigger.  A full spectrum LED grow lights will encourage photosynthesis and will give them the ideal growing environment.

It’s always important to shift your lighting patterns when you move from the vegetative growing stage over to the flowering stage. And this applies for any flowering plant, so the same strategy applies for your peppers, tomatoes, or any other plant that needs to grow lush vegetation before the flowers can bring you the best possible yields.

But why LED lights and not any other kind of light?

According to LifeXPE, LED grow lights provide years of efficient, high-quality yield of plants, and save 50-60% on the energy bill.

And that energy savings also translates into less heat coming off the lighting, which means that you don’t have to waste extra energy on fans to get the heat piped back out of your grow tent.

Now, why the need for a grow tent?

A grow tent is an important factor in growing tropical plants in colder areas.  It will help you have a controlled environment and maintain the climate best suited for your growing babies.

How do you choose your grow tent?

In choosing your grow tents, you should look for the following:

- Tents that will give you a 360-degree access to your plants.  You will need access to your plants in any angle when harvesting time comes.

- They should also be thick and strong.  Of course, who would want a grow tent that could be easily pierced and eventually ruin your plant's yields? Not to add the need to buy another tent and an unnecessary expense.

- Grow tents should be of the highest quality.  In order to create an ideal growing environment, your tent should be durable and reinforced to keep roof surface temperatures cool. Not just sealing in the temperatures, this will also keep any smells from your plants locked inside the grow tent.


Still have questions about how to assemble your indoor gardening setup? As always, feel free to contact us, or drop in the comments below to get responses from us as well as other gurus in our growing community!

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