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Should I Use Soil in my Indoor Garden?

By Adam Fromson January 22, 2019 0 comments

Which growing medium is perfect for your indoor garden?

Should I use soil in my indoor garden is probably the 2nd most frequently asked question by hydroponic growers. Choosing the right media for your indoor garden is equally important with choosing the right growing system.  In this blog, we will discuss different growing mediums that are readily available on the market and which system it is most suited for.

Different Types of Hydroponic Growing Medium

Rockwool a.k.a Stonewool

This is one of the most common growing media in hydroponics. This medium is made from melted rock and spun and formed into blocks and cubes that has a texture of insulation.  Rockwool absorbs water easily and provides a good balance of water and oxygen and Ph levels.

Expanded Clay

Expanded clay is also one of the most popular medium in hydroponics. What is great about this medium is it secures the roots and retains water.  The clay also has neutral Ph levels which are good for avoiding molds and fungus. 

Coconut Fiber

Coconut fiber as a growing medium is becoming popular because of its water retention capabilities. It also has pores for which leaves air pockets for better root growth and air holding capacity. It is also renewable and eco-friendly. 


Sand may seem to be an unconventional growing medium but is highly preferred by most growers because of its versatility.  It can be mixed by other growing mediums like vermiculite and soil.  Sand is great in water retention and at the same time provide good moisture drainage.

Still have questions about how to assemble your indoor gardening setup? As always, feel free to contact us, or drop in the comments below to get responses from us as well as other gurus in our growing community!

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